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Facial Cancer & Trauma Reconstruction

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Gain knowledge on basic surgical anatomy, surgical concepts and unstable airway management. Develop your medical & surgical treatment skills.

Nonvascularized Grafts

This course describes surgical techniques involved in harvesting & application of nonvascularized skin graft, cartilage graft and bone graft. In addition, usage of allografts are described.

Free Flaps

This course contains surgical cases that include microvascular reconstruction of head & neck. These surgical cases contain free flap cases that are considered fellow & junior attending level cases.

Facial Trauma

This course contains routinely encountered facial fractures & demonstrates various open reduction & internal fixation techniques.

Locoregional Flaps

This course includes commonly utilized locoregional flaps from the head & neck region.  Reconstruction of various nose and facial defects are demonstrated.


This course demonstrates commonly performed head & neck cancer resection surgeries.

Rhinoplasty & Nasal Reconstruction

This course demonstrates septorhinoplasty in closed and open approach to treat nasal obstruction.  In addition, nasal reconstruction that includes local flaps to free flap reconstruction are demonstrated.

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